Saturday 29 October 2016  and  Monday 31 October 2016  


Vincent, Herbert Mortimer, MIB, Jocasta Spell & Spider
Members of Equity/professional Magicians/Entertainers/Actors

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Vincent                                     Blake Barrington 

 Herbert Mortimer                                      MIB  

          Jocasta Spell                                       Spider           

Halloween walks at 6pm, 6.45pm, 7.30pm and 8.15pm  

cost to be confirmed         

The format of the 2016 special Halloween Ghost Walk is to be confirmed.  In 2015 it was a partnership between Stratford Town Ghost Walk and The Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.  The evening starts when you meet your costumed guide for a ghostly walk around the 'haunted' streets of Stratford upon Avon to discover the ancient buildings seeping with tales of ghosts, witches, murder and misery.  Good old-fashioned storytelling with a little entertainment.  The ghost walk includes a rare, evening visit to 'haunted' Hall's Croft, for a private tour of the building and a warming glass of mulled wine/soft drink. Hall's Croft featured on television's Most Haunted Live, with medium Derek Acorah and in addition, several unusual incidents have occurred over the years. 

Hall's Croft is a magnificent example of a half-timbered building from the 1600's and was the home of William Shakespeare's daughter Susanna, and her husband Dr John Hall, an eminent physician.  There have been many ghostly sightings over the years, including the mysterious lady with red hair and a flying spoon!  On occasions, when the house is empty of visitors, footsteps can be heard passing through the upstairs rooms, but on investigation no-one is present.

  • Duration of event approximately 2 1/4 hrs
  • Adults £, children £ (price to be confirmed)  
  • Starts on Waterside, near the Royal Shakespeare Theatre and opposite the fish & chip shop on the corner of Sheep Street 

To ensure availability for this very popular walk it is essential to book in advance.  Telephone, 07855 760377 between 9am and 6pm.   Please note - in 2015 all walks were fully booked, with a waiting list! 

 Halloween Ghost Walk 2010

All customers joining the Halloween Ghost Walk are given a ticket with 5 tear-off discount vouchers.  The vouchers can be used to obtain discounts at a range of shops, restaurants, pubs and attractions in Stratford.  The discounts include the 'haunted' Old Thatch Tavern, the Shakespeare Hotel and '30%' off entry to the Shakespeare Houses. Why not use the vouchers after your walk for a warming drink, or meal.  There is no use-by date on the vouchers, they can be used on future visits to Stratford.  See our discounts page for a full list of discount partners.

Hall's Croft

We very much look forward to your company on Halloween in 2016 .........


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